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Brake motor

Brief introduction:
BK2 series hydraulic brake is a kind of constant closed and complete wet hydraulic brake, and BK2 series hydraulic brake is the function of spring
Force to generate power, hydraulic pressure to release brake. Its features:
It adopts unique friction material and high strength spring design. Long service life, no noise and high braking reliability.
The oil drainage design can meet the requirements of various operating conditions.
The structure is compact and easy to install.
10 priority with BMP, BMR, BMS series cycloidal hydraulic motor.
Scope of application:
BK2 series of hydraulic brakes are braking in the delivery state. The brake disc has a braking force in normal operation
When the pressure of the hydraulic system connected by the device is lower than the pressure required to release the brake, the brake is put on the brake state by the spring force.
BK2 series of hydraulic brakes are widely used in heavy load equipment; Such as engineering machinery, lifting machinery, highway mechanical vehicles, construction machines
Disarm, moving machinery, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, sanitation machinery, woodworking machinery, etc. Also used in the winch machine hydraulic drive system.
Special attention: this series of brake can only be used for static braking, not recommended for dynamic braking.
Use guidelines:
In order to make the brake operate in the best working condition, the routine requirements:
1. Assembly step: first, the hydraulic motor and brake are assembled; Then lubricate the brake shell cavity in the drainage outlet
Oil. Then you can do other assembly.
2. Type of hydraulic oil: HM mineral oil (763 for GB) (2-87) (IS06743/4) or HLP mineral oil (DIN51524)o
3, the oil temperature range: can work in - 20 ℃ ~ ~ 90 C; The range of priority 20 ~ C ~ 60 ℃.
4. Oil viscosity: 20 ~ 75mm2 / s; The range of priority when the oil temperature in 40 ℃ the kinematic viscosity of 42 ~ 74 was/s.
5. Oil cleaning degree: the filter oil accuracy is 25 microns; The solid pollution level shall not be higher than 20/1 6.
6. Maintenance cycle: first use 50 ~ 100LJ, after maintenance; After each work 500 ~ 1000LJ, maintenance once.
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